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You were quite excited about having your abode painted in the beautiful colours you have always dreamt about, but the residential painters you hired couldn’t live up to your expectations and left you with a sour experience, which is difficult to recover from. Nevertheless, people have experiences, learn from them and move on with a lesson.

It’s been more than 2 years, and your house is due for a paint job. But you do not want to deal with any of the residential house painters in Sydney, thanks to your experience with the wrong one in the past. Here are few tips for you to select the right house painting service, and your notions will change after this once and for all.


The best way to find a good painter in Sydney or anywhere in the world is to seek recommendations from your friends and relatives. If your closed ones have availed services of a house painter and have been fully satisfied, they will definitely recommend that particular service to you. Since you know their recommendation would be unbiased, you can rely on them without giving it a second thought.

There are chances that you may not get satisfactory recommendation from your friends, but there’s nothing to lose hope over. You still have other means to reach out to the right service provider.

If you have a Smartphone or computer, with active internet connection, it shouldn’t have to be difficult to find reliable residential or commercial painters in Sydney. Of course, you will be provided with a myriad of options online, but you are not going to hire all of them. It is suggested to shortlist 5 to 10 painters, who operate in your close vicinity. Now, you have to pick one from the few; how?

Look for their experience in the industry

Remember, there’s no substitute for experience! Visit the website of each of the shortlisted companies and look for their experience. Now, you would not want to deal with an inexperienced painting service or someone who has been running this business as a secondary venture. You will be able to further narrow down your list based on this factor.

What Kind of Services Do They Offer

A reputed company will be ready to assist you, regardless size or type of your property. So, try to infer from their website the types of properties they cater for. If you discover that any of the shortlisted companies has certain shortcomings or does not seem to deliver on your expectations, let it not be among the other companies you have picked for consideration.

Talk to Them

Now when you are left with fewer service providers in your list, you can talk to them individually and ask for the quote. A company, which is confident about its service, will never hesitate to provide you with a free quote. If they do, they don’t deserve your business.
Once you zero down on a certain company, you can go ahead to negotiate the price. Since they are aware of the stiff competition, they won’t mind making changes to their so-called fixed price quote.

If you are pressed for time, you may hire Rabin Painting Services for your commercial and residential painting needs in Sydney. You can give them a call to discuss your requirements. They will quickly get you started.


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