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“It was all yellow” ~Coldplay

Would you be fine if it was all yellow?

When it comes to the paint in your house, many of us commit the mistake of not giving enough importance to color selection.

We went around asking commercial painters in Sydney to help us understand the latest color trends and helping people in making the right color choices. We will try to list them here for you:

Color decides how you feel”

One of the painters told us that color paints an important influence on the way we feel. A lot of it has got to do with our psychological reaction to color. While some people feel more comfortable with bold colors, some of them choose to go for warm ones. A bright color can enlighten your mood while a dull one can make you feel lazy and grim. Before deciding the colors for various parts, it is essential to understand which colors uplift your spirit and which ones bring you down.

Bold colors are disturbing to the eye in a well-lit room”

If your room is dimly lit, bold colors can enhance the lighting. Similarly, if there is too much light, go for subtle colors so it is pleasing to the eye.

Follow a color scheme”

People decide colors according to their preference but forget that there needs to be a uniformity in color theme. If you are using pink in one room and yellow in another, the transition from one room to another won’t be visually appealing. If you want to not feel out of the place every time you walk into a different room, make sure you select colors that complement each other.


Give importance to the wall colors as much as you would give to the furniture in your house. Let your walls do the talking. Make the right impression with the wall colors.

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