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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Walls

“It was all yellow” ~ColdplayWould you be fine if it was all yellow?When it comes to the paint in your house, many of us commit the mistake of not giving enough importance to color selection.We went around asking commercial painters in Sydney to help us understand the latest color tr

How to Choose the Right House Painting Service?

You were quite excited about having your abode painted in the beautiful colours you have always dreamt about, but the residential painters you hired couldn’t live up to your expectations and left you with a sour experience, which is difficult to recover from. Nevertheless, people have experiences,

DIY Painting Tips for Homeowners

Painting your living space in the colour of your choice can be fun and exciting and profitable, too, if done in the right manner. Before you wield the paint brush and start off the first stroke, there are certain things you must not overlook. There are some key points that will help you procure the

DIY or Calling Professionals for House Painting – Which One Is Preferable?

House painting can be performed either way, but the matter of concern is which way you are going to save resources and hassle. This article discusses some of the key points that explain it all.Time Ask yourself the amount of time you are going to take to paint your living room and kitchen. The

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